Oakley Airbrake Mx Laminated Tear-Off 14pk

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When the tires hit the track, there’s no place to hide from the debris and dirt. Keep your vision clear after a roost attack with these Oakley laminated goggle tear-offs. Simply rip off the top strip to get that racer, who thought he could pass you, back in your sights. They are engineered for the convenience of fast, easy loading, and rapid-fire deployment when the roost hits the racer. They’re made of optical-quality Mylar to keep your vision clear and protect your lenses, so you can keep your eyes on the finish line. The lamination minimizes the number of reflective surfaces, while keeping unused sheets clean. Every turn and every jump require a clear view to get the best time, so keep yours crystal-clear with these Oakley laminated goggle tear-offs.

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