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COOLANT M5.0 Ready to use is a nitrite-, phosphate- and amine-free coolant that is based on ethylene glycol. It meets the requirements of various manufacturers of high-performance engines. In addition to outstanding antifreeze protection, this coolant offers excellent year-round corrosion protection for all metals and alloys used in the cooling system.

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  • good corrosion protection for metals and alloys in the cooling system
  • good compatibility with commercially available elastomers and plastics
  • nitrite-, phosphate- and amine-free
  • high chemical stability
  • recommended usage duration 3 years

Field of application:

  • In petrol and diesel engines made from cast iron, aluminium or a combination of both metals. COOLANT M5.0 can also be used in cooling systems made of aluminium or copper alloys.


  • To make sure you can enjoy the unique advantages of COOLANT M5.0 Ready to use, mixing with other coolants is not recommended.


COOLANT M5.0 Ready to use protects the system at temperatures as low as -38°C.


  • Please observe the manufacturer´s instructions.


Safety + Performance

  • BMW LC-87; BMW LC-97; BMW GS 94000 / N600 69.0; CNH MAT 3720; CUMMINS 85T8-2; DAF 74001; DEUTZ DQC CA-14; FIAT 9.55523; FORD ESD-M97B49-A; IVECO 18-1830 Ref.N°I002.C00; LIEBHERR LH-00-COL3A; MAN 324 NF; MB 326.0; MB 326.2; MOPAR MS-7170; MTU 5048; VW G 11 / TL 774-C; BS 6580; AFNOR NFR 15-601; ASTM D3306; ASTM D4985; SAE J1034
  • Density at 20 °C g/cm³ ASTM D4052 1.072
  • Base Ethylene glycol
  • Refraction at 20 °C DIN 51423-1 1.385
  • Boiling point °C ASTM D 1120 >100 Mixture % 50/50


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